Pance Prep Plan (as of November 22)

With my exam being about 7 weeks away, a little shy of 2 months I think it is important I optimize the time I have to prepare. Typically I have studied by selecting random questions from Rosh Review, Kaplan and Osmosis but I think it is time I was more specific about how I study. For this reason I have decided that:

1. I will spend the 2 weeks of November to try to focus more on the topics I am weakest in.

2. This meaning that for the next 2 weeks I will try to answer a minium of 30 Qs – a maximum of 50 Qs each day (rotating between RR, Kaplan, Osmosis and Exam Master. Each question bank/ test database I will use for 3 days before rotating to the other.)

3. I will review each exam taken the prior day the next day. i.e day 1’s test will be reviewed on day 2, and Day 2’s test reviewed on day 3. During the 2 weeks I will try to take a day off each week without a practice test. 

4. I will utilize my PPP as an additional resource as well as our lecture slides, and Osmosis videos to supplement any information I may not be as clear on.

5. For the remaining of November. I will take 1 day on the weekend to take a 150 Qs exam and another day on the last weekend to take a 300Qs exam. After which I will make it a goal to take atleast 300Qs quizzes every week leading up to my PANCE exam date. 

6. In the 1st week of December I will try to do a reassessment of weak areas to see how much I have improved and how much more time I need to dedicate to these area. I am anticipating that I would have improvded in my weak areas so I would intend to switch back to taking tests that include a mix of topics from different subjects. 

7. Following the completion of my rotations and school assignments December 9th, I will dedicate everyday leading up to my exam (with the exception of the 3rd and 4th of January designated to rest) to focus intensely on my areas of weakness. I will also spend time to review my areas of strength.