Clinical Correlations (II)

Final Self-Reflection as of 12/14/2021

Knowing where I started from and where I am now, I will say that I have come a long way in my critical thinking abilities and my understanding of our group discussions during case presentations. I will, however, add that my critical thinking process is still developing especially regarding drawing up differentials, remembering important contraindications and determining the plan for care for patients.

Regarding our in-class assignments/presentations, I would say that I am also developing in my logic and flow, but for the most part, my presentations of the topics assigned were detailed and adequate. I also ensured that my presentations and data were from reliable sources such as UpTodate and other reputable sources.

During our case studies, I was able to understand and make connections between most patient presentations and possible disease conditions so for this I would also say describe myself as developing in terms of analysis.

Lastly, as for communication I always participated in our group discussions and was present for each class activity.