Site Evaluation Summary

For my surgery site evaluation, I submitted 8 SOAP notes along with my pharm cards and article summary on granulomatous mastitis. The cases submitted for my evaluation were mostly cases I had seen while in breast, general surgery, colorectal and ENT clinics. These cases include patients coming in for breast abscess follow-up, hemorrhoidectomy post-up, umbilical hernia consult, tonsil stone consult, suture removal s/p lipoma excision, follow-up of a gallbladder US s/p RUQ pain, left breast pain and mass, and post-up follow-up of an inguinal hernia repair. The information on the first four cases can be obtained and reviewed from my SOAP note upload on my academic commons surgery portfolio. During my evaluation there was no negative feedback from my preceptor about SOAP notes. I, however, know that even in the absence of the negative feedback there can always be room for improvement in my charting style and the conciseness of my notes.