OB/GYN Site evaluation summary

41 y/o G4P3003 female at 32 weeks’ gestation with diet controlled GDM 3rd trimester, C/S in 2021 presents to the ED with c/o decreased fetal movement which states she first noticed 3 hours ago while she was at work. She states that she has not been following her diet carefully as she should. She denies currently fasting during Ramadan because of her pregnancy but she states that has been eating many foods that are high in sugar and that at her previous routine prenatal visit her fasting and daytime glucose measurements were poor when she charted them. She denies any pain, headache, spotting or vaginal bleeding, difficulty breathing, nausea, vomiting, visual changes, lightheadedness, leaking of fluids or contractions. There are no other complaints at this time. The patient was observed at the hospital and fetal movements were observed on US during the visit. The patient eventually felt more reassured and was discharged a few hours later.

The case above is a summary of the HPI of the patient case I presented for my evaluation and used as background for choosing my selected journal article. I had a discussion with my evaluator discussing the effects of GDM and decreased fetal movements. The overall feedback on my presentations and journal article were positive, nevertheless I will continue to find more ways to improve upon my H&Ps.

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