Journal article summary:

The article I presented was on the different treatment modalities for warts in pediatric populations. This was based on the patient I presented for my second site evaluation which I have briefly described under my site evaluation presentation summary. The article compared the use of modalities such as cryotherapy, use of salicylic acid, mechanical therapies (e.g., curettage, electrocautery), immunotherapy, etc. Important highlights from the article were that warts are more common in kids than we would imagine, as many as 1 in 3 school going children will have warts and it is usually caused by HPV. The important thing to note is that warts can eventually go away on their own usually within a time frame of 2 years so is self-limiting and may not warrant treatment but there may be indications for treatment such as pain, bleeding, cosmetic reasons, etc. The case of the patient presentation was for cosmetic reasons. The article states that cryotherapy is an effective therapy for treating warts, but in kids may not be the best modality as children have pain tolerance so treatments such as salicylic acid use may be more tolerable in pediatric populations which was the prescription we provided to this patient.

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